Yosemite Falls Surges After West Coast Storms Bring Needed Rainfall

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U.S.|Yosemite Falls Surges After West Coast Storms Bring Needed Rainfall


More than six inches of rainfall fell implicit Yosemite National Park successful cardinal California implicit a 36-hour period, causing the waterfall to surge aft a adust summer.


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Yosemite National Park’s waterfalls and rivers surged aft 2 tempest systems brought much than six inches of rainfall to the drought-stricken country wrong 36 hours.CreditCredit...Thomas O'Neill/NurPhoto/Associated Press

Johnny Diaz

Oct. 27, 2021, 12:40 p.m. ET

The remnants of 2 tempest systems that converged successful drought-stricken California this week helped pump caller beingness into 1 of Yosemite National Park’s astir fashionable attractions: Yosemite Falls.

“We had rather a storm,” the parkland said successful an Instagram post connected Tuesday, aft much than six inches of rainfall fell implicit a 36-hour period. The parkland encompasses much than 747,000 acres on the cardinal occidental slopes of the Sierra Nevada upland scope successful east-central California.

Although the parkland said it did not person nonstop measurements, it said that “sensors suggest a fewer feet of snowfall fell astatine the higher elevations,” and that the snowfall level for overmuch of the tempest “was high,” which caused rivers and creeks “to emergence substantially.” The Merced River astatine the Pohono Bridge roseate 8.5 feet, the parkland said, noting it was 1.5 feet beneath flood stage.

At 2,425 feet high, Yosemite Falls is the tallest waterfall successful North America. Its highest travel usually occurs successful May, aft astir of the park’s snowfall melts, but by August it often slows to a trickle oregon is wholly dry. Storms successful the precocious autumn tin assistance reconstruct the falls.

Video showed the astir adust falls on Saturday, followed by a gushing travel of h2o by Tuesday.

The rainfall astatine Yosemite was the effect of two storms that converged successful the Bay Area, bringing floods, precocious winds and immoderate much-needed rainfall to California, which has wrestled with ample wildfires and terrible drought conditions that person been brought connected by clime change.

“It’s a uncommon event,” Brian Ochs, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service successful Hanford, Calif., said of the dense rainfall. “It’s not conscionable successful October oregon anytime during the year.”

He said portion of the crushed for the replenished travel was the parched ungraded from the past fewer months.

“The adust ungraded whitethorn person been little apt to sorb the water,” helium said.

San Francisco saw astatine slightest 4 inches of rainfall successful a 24-hour period, the city’s 4th wettest time ever, the Weather Service said connected Monday. Sacramento besides acceptable a regular record, with more than 5 inches of rain. Forecasters paid tribute with a haiku:

We did inquire for rain

We begged and pleaded for it

And lad did it come

But the grounds rains volition not extremity California’s ongoing drought.

Last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom extended the state’s drought emergency and asked residents to redouble their h2o conservation efforts.

This has been California’s 2nd driest twelvemonth connected record, with near-record debased retention successful the state’s largest reservoirs, according to the governor’s office.

Severe drought conditions, worsened by clime change, proceed to impact overmuch of the Western United States and adjacent the bluish portion of the Great Plains.

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