WATCH: MSNBC Doctors Explain How Southern GOP Governors Have Turned The South Into a COVID ‘Powderkeg’

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The Southern portion of the United States mostly votes for Republican politicians. And with the GOP present being the enactment of Trump, those lawmakers are good with putting their constituents successful information to spare the erstwhile president’s feelings.

So those governors person turned the pandemic into a civilization warfare contented alternatively than a wellness concern. And according to Dr. Peter Hotez, that has acceptable up the South the beryllium a COVID pulverization keg.

The doc told big Jonathan Capehart:

We are seeing a precise worrisome surge crossed the southern states, and it’s going successful a giant signifier of a “U” starting in Missouri, down to Arkansas, Louisiana, cutting crossed east into Florida and past going up into the Carolinas. And it has a antithetic flavor from the surge that we saw last summer. It’s existent that we person a lot more older Americans who are vaccinated, truthful the deaths are nothing similar what we saw before. But what we’re seeing successful its place is tons and tons of young people getting sick. And tons of hospitalizations for young people. We’re adjacent starting to spot now pediatric intensive attraction unit admissions. I don’t deliberation this microorganism is selectively targeting kids, I just deliberation beauteous overmuch anyone that’s not vaccinated is getting swept up successful this. And the large interest is successful August here successful the south, schools start early. They commencement earlier than they do up successful the north. And I deliberation this is truly going to enactment arsenic an accelerant for this epidemic. What I’m holding my breath about, fixed the information that except for Louisiana we don’t have disguise mandates, we certainly don’t person vaccination mandates for COVID vaccines, we person fewer than 20% of adolescents vaccinated successful astir southern states, this is simply a pulverization keg.”

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