Vaccine hoarding will prolong COVID warns WHO, as agency mulls early Omicron data

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Early laboratory information connected the effectiveness of existing vaccines against the Omicron COVID-19 variant is useful, but it is inactive unclear however effectual these volition beryllium successful treating severely sick patients, a UN wellness bureau sheet said connected Thursday.

The improvement follows reassurance from the World Health Organization (WHO) that available vaccines “hold up precise well” successful protecting radical from the worst forms of coronavirus sickness for six months oregon more, with a “minor, humble reduction” thereafter, peculiarly among over-65s oregon those with underlying aesculapian conditions.

“The neutralization information has an underpinning, but it’s truly the objective information that are going to beryllium astir influential astir however to negociate an Omicron situation,” said Dr Kate O’Brien, Director, Department of Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals astatine WHO.

Herd immunity challenge

On the contented of herd immunity, Dr O’Brien said that collective immunity remained retired of reach, partially due to the fact that the vaccines successful circulation today, for each their efficacy, were “not performing astatine the level wherever the conception of herd immunity is apt to beryllium thing that tin beryllium achieved”.

This was astatine slightest successful portion due to the fact that of the deficiency of cosmopolitan vaccine sum which has seen wealthier countries payment from immunization campaigns, portion poorer nations person suffered a dearth of lifesaving jabs, Dr O’Brien noted.

The #Omicron variant has present been reported successful 57 countries, and we expect that fig to proceed growing. There is immoderate grounds that Omicron causes milder illness than #Delta, but it is inactive excessively aboriginal to beryllium definitive. Any complacency present volition outgo lives," -- @DrTedros

— UN Geneva (@UNGeneva) December 9, 2021

Breakout infections

On alleged “breakout infections” among individuals already vaccinated, it was “not surprising” that these had accrued successful enactment with greater vaccination coverage, the WHO authoritative insisted.

That does not mean the vaccine is not working, it simply means that a greater and greater fig of radical person really been vaccinated.

As Omicron spreads, Dr O’Brien highlighted that those astir astatine hazard remained the unvaccinated, who represented 80 to 90 per cent of those who person fallen earnestly sick from coronavirus.

Fair shot

The hazard that the pandemic volition not beryllium snuffed retired volition proceed if countries determine to clasp connected to their COVID-19 vaccines, alternatively than sharing them nether the WHO-partnered COVAX equitable organisation scheme.

Poorer countries had been “waiting and waiting and waiting” for vaccines, she said, adding that present they were starting to get from wealthier nations, “we person to marque definite that it continues”.

She added: “As we caput into immoderate the Omicron concern is going to be, determination is risk, that the planetary proviso is again going to revert to high-income countries hoarding vaccines to protect, you know, successful a sense, successful excess their accidental for vaccination and a benignant of ‘no-regrets’ benignant of approach.” 

Skewed optics

This deficiency of planetary solidarity is “not going to work, it’s not going to enactment from an epidemiologic perspective,” Dr O’Brien said. “It is not going to enactment from a transmission perspective, unless we really person vaccines going to each countries, due to the fact that wherever transmission continues, that’s wherever the variants are going to travel from.”

It besides remained “perplexing” that immoderate countries were inconsistent successful trying to trim COVID-19 transmission, Dr O’Brien said. “On the 1 hand, (nations are) pursuing a benignant of no-holds-barred attack to the vaccines, astatine the aforesaid clip not utilizing masks, handwashing, crowds, each of the different measures that we cognize are highly effectual astatine reducing transmissions.”

Strategic choice

Among its recommendations connected vaccines, the SAGE sheet of experts repeated its earlier proposal that the champion attack was to usage the aforesaid benignant of vaccine for the archetypal 2 doses wherever possible, alternatively than a mix-and-match attack combing antithetic jabs.

This was not ever imaginable successful countries wherever determination was insufficient proviso oregon wherever communities were hard-to-reach, the experts explained.

Key idiosyncratic urgency

For frontline aesculapian staff, Dr Cravioto provided clarity connected providing a 3rd dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

In the lawsuit of wellness workers, it depends what vaccines they person had historically: “If they person been immunised with ‘inactivated’ vaccines, then, yes, they should beryllium portion of receiving, arsenic soon arsenic possible, a 3rd dose of the vaccine.”

Dr Cravioto explained that helium was referring to the information that successful galore lower-income countries, these wellness workers had received vaccines that had not received Emergency Use Listing status, from the WHO. These see CanSino “and that vaccine would besides necessitate a 2nd dose …since we consciousness that there’s not capable extortion afforded by the archetypal dose”, helium said.

One jab of J&J inactive enough

On the Johnson & Johnson single-shot vaccine, Dr Cravioto noted that 1 dose was inactive considered to supply afloat immunity.

He added that for those countries that had decided to administer a 2nd dose, “this tin beryllium fixed 2 to six months aft archetypal one, and successful a sense, we inactive consciousness that lengthening the interval betwixt these 2 doses is the champion mode to go. So, the person you tin get to six months - particularly successful those that are implicit 65 years of property - the amended effect you mightiness person to this 2nd dose.”

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