Trump Holding Next Rally In What Looks Like An Alabama Cow Pasture

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The downward spiral continues for Trump arsenic helium has gone from playing shot stadiums to what looks similar an Alabama cattle pasture successful the mediate of nowhere.

Oh look, Trump conscionable announced his adjacent rally. In a cattle pasture successful Alabama.

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) August 2, 2021

Trump’s Rallies Get Scant Media Attention And Look Like An Oldies Tour

It is unprecedented for a erstwhile president to clasp rallies to undermine the existent president, but Trump is progressively pursuing the trajectory of a one-hit-wonder who ne'er scored a follow-up success.

The bare tract whitethorn beryllium a perfectly good venue, but arsenic a campaigner successful 2016, Trump was playing shot stadiums successful Alabama, truthful the information that the erstwhile president volition beryllium playing his determination hits similar “Lock Her Up,” “Build The Wall,” and “Stolen Election,” successful an bare tract seems similar rather the comedown.

Trump’s oxygen was escaped mainstream media attraction for everything that helium did, but that is agelong gone now.

The failed erstwhile one-term president can’t beryllium wholly ignored due to the fact that helium has raised implicit $100 cardinal to destruct democracy, truthful adjacent if his rally is successful a workplace tract successful Alabama, the important happening is that helium volition gully an adoring assemblage who enactment arsenic ft soldiers successful his warfare against America.

Trump is simply a stale oldies act, but helium is an oldies enactment that is trying to extremity democracy.

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