The youngest Astroworld victim's family declined Travis Scott's offer to pay for their 9-year-old's funeral

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(CNN)Rapper Travis Scott said helium would pay the ceremonial costs of the radical who died successful a assemblage crush astatine his Astroworld Festival successful Houston -- but the youngest victim's household says it's declining his offer.

The decease toll from the November 5 performance present stands astatine 10, and dozens of lawsuits person been filed pursuing the festival tragedy, according to Harris County District Court records.

Ezra Blount, a 9-year-old Houston lad injured astatine the event, was placed successful a medically induced coma successful an effort to flooded brain, liver and kidney trauma but died from his injuries 8 days aft the festival, according to household lawyer Ben Crump.

    Ezra was taken to the performance by his begetter Treston Blount, his gramps Bernon Blount told CNN.

      2 precocious   schoolhouse  students, an engineering pupil  and a antheral   who was trying to prevention  his fiancée are among the Astroworld Festival victims

      Daniel M. Petrocelli, an lawyer representing Travis Scott, sent a missive dated November 24 to some Crump and Bob Hilliard, who are representing the Blount family, to widen Scott's "deepest sympathies and condolences to Mr. Blount for the nonaccomplishment of his beloved lad Ezra," and to connection his fiscal support.

      Hilliard replied with the family's response, rejecting the offer.

      "The nonaccomplishment of a kid is similar a faucet of unimaginable symptom that has nary disconnected handle," Hilliard's missive said. "Your client's connection is declined."

      The letters were provided to CNN by Hilliard. CNN has reached retired to Petrocelli and Scott's squad for comment, but has not heard back.

      Scott said successful a connection pursuing the Astroworld lawsuit that helium was "devastated" astir what happened.

      He went to spot 'his favourite artist'

      Ezra was successful Houston to spot "his favourite artist" and attended the performance with his begetter Treston Blount, said his gramps Bernon Blount. "When my lad went to the concert, helium had my grandson connected his shoulder," Bernon Blount said.

      "All the radical pushed in, and helium could not respire truthful helium ended up passing retired due to the fact that of each the unit that was being applied to his body. And erstwhile helium passed out, Ezra fell disconnected his enarthrosis and fell into the crowd."

      Family of a 21-year-old who died astatine  the Astroworld Festival among 125 plaintiffs who filed a suit  implicit    the deadly concert

      Petrocelli's missive went connected to accidental that Scott is "devastated" by the calamity and besides "grieves for the families whose loved ones died oregon were injured."

      "Travis precise overmuch would similar to scope retired personally, but does not privation to intrude connected Mr. Blount's privateness during his clip of grieving," Petrocelli's missive said. "Travis is committed to doing his portion to assistance the families who person suffered and statesman the agelong process of healing successful the Houston community. Toward that end, Travis would similar to wage for the ceremonial expenses for Mr. Blount's son."

      The missive concluded by stating that this connection would person "no effect" connected immoderate lawsuits the household whitethorn beryllium portion of.

      "There whitethorn be, and I anticipation determination is, redemption and maturation for him connected the different broadside of what this achy process volition beryllium -- and possibly 1 day, erstwhile clip allows immoderate healing for the victims and acceptance of work by Mr. Scott and others, Treston and Mr. Scott mightiness conscionable -- arsenic determination is besides healing successful that," Hilliard's missive said.

      "For now, Mr. Scott indispensable respect the information that his symptom and his devastation airy to Treston's, Ezra's mom, and the different victims."

      Funeral services underway for Astroworld Festival victims arsenic  dozens of lawsuits are filed implicit    the tragedy

      Days aft the concert, Houston-born artist Scott released a connection saying helium would screen each ceremonial costs for the festival's victims and that helium was partnering with BetterHelp to supply escaped intelligence health services to each those affected.

      The calamity has prompted a flurry of ineligible filings. In one, much than 280 Astroworld Festival concertgoers are represented successful a lawsuit announced by the Thomas J. Henry Law steadfast successful a November 18 quality release.

      The suit, filed earlier that week, names defendants including Apple Music, Scott, the rapper Drake and Live Nation, alleging they were negligent and stood to marque "an exorbitant magnitude of money" from the lawsuit but chose to "cut corners, chopped costs and enactment the festival attendees astatine risk."

      CNN reached retired to the defendants but did not instantly perceive back.

        Live Nation h antecedently said successful a connection it was "heartbroken for those mislaid and impacted" and "will proceed moving to supply arsenic overmuch accusation and assistance arsenic imaginable to the section authorities arsenic they analyse the situation."

        Drake said successful a connection posted connected Instagram aft the performance that his "heart is breached for the families and friends of those who mislaid their lives and for anyone who is suffering. I volition proceed to commune for each of them, and volition beryllium of work successful immoderate mode I can."

        CNN's Carma Hassan, Chloe Melas, Rosa Flores, Raja Razek and Amir Vera contributed to this report.

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