The Secret History Of Press Release Submission

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The Secret History Of Press Release Submission


If you're a business owner, there's no better time than the present to get your press release out in front of more people. But how do you do that? What are the best places for SEO-friendly press releases? How can you make sure that your message gets seen by as many submit a press release people as possible? In this post, we'll outline some paid options for submitting press releases that can help you reach more potential clients.

Press releases are powerful sources of traffic and sales when made use of correctly.

Press releases are a great way to get your content out there. They can be used to promote your products and services, your business, blog or website.

Press release writing has been around for decades and is one of the most effective ways of getting people's attention about what you're doing as well as how you're doing it.

The very best press release distribution sites for SEO

The very best press release distribution sites for SEO are:

  • PRWeb, which is owned by PR Newswire and has been around since 2001. It’s a paid site and you can submit your press releases to it press release submission sites without worrying that they won't reach the right people.

  • HubSpot Blogs, where you'll find topics on social media marketing, content marketing, digital marketing and more. You'll also have access to their list of over 100 influencers who may be interested in hearing about your company's latest news or updates!

  • Google News Blogs (formerly known as Google News Picks), where you'll get featured articles from major publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine every day! This is another great way for bloggers who write about similar subjects as yours but aren't quite ready yet go viral online because they're seen by thousands or even millions of people daily--and could potentially lead back down path toward bigger things down road if everything goes according plan."

Get Response's Press Release Distribution

One of the best ways to get noticed by journalists is through press release distribution.

If you're a small business that's just getting started, there's no better way to get your name out there than with a well-written and paid press release submission sites professionally-distributed press release. Journalists will read them because they love reading good stories. And if your story is good enough, some of those journalists might even write about it!

The problem is that finding the right places where reporters are waiting for those stories can be difficult or expensive—and even then it won't necessarily help if you don't have money on hand when it comes time for them to pay up (or worse: run away).

That's why we think gettingResponse's Press Release Distribution Service is such an amazing idea: It takes all the guesswork out of getting your message into the hands of journalists who want nothing more than for people like themselves (journalists) to use their services again soon after receiving them once before (you).

PR Newswire's Press Release Distribution

PR Newswire is the world's largest press release distribution service. It has more than 4,000 media outlets and an average of over 100,000 releases per month. submit press release online PR Newswire also has a high Google PageRank score (8), which means it can be highly ranked in search engine results pages when a user searches for your business name or keyword.

If you're looking for an easy way to get your press release published on dozens of news sites across North America and Europe—and all within one week—then PR Newswire could be exactly what you need! The company offers three different plans: Standard ($150/mo), Pro ($250/mo) and Platinum ($500/mo). You can try out their free trial period before committing yourself financially with any plan; however, once signed up for an account with them then there are no refunds offered if something goes wrong during this period so make sure everything works smoothly before signing up with them!

PR Web's Press Release Distribution

PR Web is one of the best press release distribution sites. It offers a free service (with limited features) and a paid service that has more features, press release submission but it's still useful for small businesses who don't have any money to spend on their marketing campaigns.

PR Web's free service will allow you to submit your press releases for distribution in less than five minutes. All you need to do is provide some information about your company and the subject of your release—and PR Web will do everything else! The website provides all sorts of tools that can help improve both the quality and quantity of traffic from search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo!.

Pitch Engine's Press Release Distribution

Pitch Engine is a paid press release distribution service that has been around for years and is known as one of the best out there. It has a large network of distribution sites, over 700,000 journalists in its network, and offers an easy-to-use interface that makes it possible to create a press release without any technical knowledge.

Pitch Engine's Press Release Distribution is powered by its proprietary software platform which allows you to submit your submit press release news item for review by our team of reviewers who then evaluate whether or not it qualifies for publication on their website (which includes nearly every major website in existence). If your item does meet their criteria—and we'll get into more detail about how this works later—you'll be able to earn up to $75 per published article!

These paid press release submission sites can help you get your word out to a larger audience.

You can use these paid press release submission sites to get your word out to a larger audience. For example, if you have a website that features the latest news in your industry, then posting on these sites will increase traffic and make it easier for people who are interested in what you have to say.

You may also want to consider using them as an SEO tool—you’ll be able to rank higher when other search engines see submit news release that there are already high-quality links pointing back towards your site from trusted sources like Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Finally, if you don’t already have any visitors coming into this website (or even if they do), adding some of these links might help bring in more visitors too!


You can create a press release and submit it to one of these sites to get your message out there. This process is simple and free, but if you want to make it even easier for your audience, then there are paid press release submission sites that will do all the work for you.

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