Report: Trump Wanted to Lower the Flag at the White House for Ashli Babbitt

4 months ago 26
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Over the past fewer weeks, Donald Trump has go progressively obsessed with Ashli Babbitt. Babbitt, who took portion successful the Capitol insurrection, was changeable arsenic she attempted to breach a barricade.

Republican lawmakers and media are present attempting to marque Babbitt retired to beryllium a martyr. And according a caller report, Trump had plans to bash truthful days aft the insurrection.

A root told the Daily Beast, “Trump has privately complained that helium didn’t little the flag. He made the backstage comments arsenic precocious arsenic 2 weeks ago, the study said.”

And portion Trump had to beryllium talked retired of lowering the Flag for 1 of the rioters, helium did not privation to bash truthful for Capitol constabulary serviceman Brian Sicknick. Even Chris Christie blasted Trump for the delay, saying, “I mean, it is simply a nationalist disgrace … that the emblem astatine the White House is not half-staff for that Capitol Hill Police serviceman who gave his beingness successful protecting 1 of our institutions of democracy.”

Trump, connected the different hand, continues to speech astir Babbitt successful glowing terms. During a play quality connected Maria Bartiromo’s show, helium asked, “Who was the idiosyncratic who changeable an innocent, wonderful, unthinkable woman? I volition archer you, they cognize who changeable Ashley Babbitt. They’re protecting that person. I’ve heard besides that it was the caput of information for a definite precocious authoritative — a Democrat.”

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