Rainbow Six Extraction Delayed To 2022

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In October 2020, Rainbow Six Extraction (originally called Rainbow Six Quarantine) was pushed backmost owed to COVID-19. Now the upcoming co-op acquisition is getting a caller merchandise model alongside the caller sanction by being deed 1 with much pushback. Ubisoft has confirmed that Rainbow Six Extraction is delayed until 2022. 

The Ubisoft Extraction squad took to the studio's blog to update fans connected the game's existent status. The workplace wants to marque definite that the unsocial features successful the crippled are each moving the mode Ubisoft intends, with the extremity of delivering a near-perfect online acquisition for those anxious to driblet into Extraction. For the afloat statement: "Our ambition with Rainbow Six Extraction is to present a full-fledged AAA acquisition that changes the mode you play and deliberation astir cooperative games. With unsocial features similar Missing In Action oregon The Sprawl, each ngo is acceptable to beryllium a tense and challenging acquisition successful which you’ll pb the elite operators of Rainbow Six successful a combat against a lethal and evolving alien threat."

While delays are a spot of a bummer, particularly regarding titles with a batch of excitement surrounding them, it's bully to spot much and much studios normalize admitting that they request much clip alternatively than push an unfinished merchandise retired of the door, becoming reliant connected time 1 patches. Performance issues and bugs person ever been an contented with online games astatine launch, but ensuring that the authorities of the physique is wherever the squad wants it to beryllium tin guarantee a overmuch smoother motorboat time experience. Now astir those server issues that are besides commonly seen...

The bully quality is that Ubisoft seems assured that it tin present the acquisition by January 2022, truthful astatine slightest we person a specified model to look guardant to.

Thoughts connected Rainbow Six Extraction's delay? Any predictions for what different titles could perchance beryllium pushed back? Sound disconnected successful the comments below! 

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