New Apex Legends Character, Seer, Revealed

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The clip has yet travel for Respawn to commencement dropping teasers focused connected the next quality successful Apex Legends. Season 10 is conscionable astir the corner, and similar the different seasons that came earlier it, we’re apt going to get a caller summation to the increasing roster of playable combatants arsenic good arsenic imaginable representation changes (or, hopefully, an wholly caller one!). In a caller Stories from the Outlands trailer, the adjacent legend, Seer, was announced. 

The abbreviated trailer delved into Seer’s backstory – his tumultuous, unsocial commencement and eventual emergence to power. Seer is calved successful a dimly lit precocious emergence flat successful an due cinematic manner arsenic an asteroid crashes into his location planet’s moon. His parent bears the moth's mysterious mark, which renders Seer a cursed kid erstwhile helium enters the world. His eyes are glossed over; ghostly white. As the narrator puts it, “Refuse the child’s regard oregon beryllium undone. Once glimpse volition trim a upland to dust.” You tin ticker the root communicative above.

By the clip the Apex Games person risen to intergalactic stardom, Seer is an big with years of combat experience. At the halfway of his thorax lies a aureate jewel that channels the dormant powers helium inherited during birth. At the extremity of the trailer, we get a sneak peek into 1 of Seer’s abilities – whether it’s his tactical oregon ultimate, remains to beryllium seen. Seer activates his powers, and beams of airy look from his assemblage successful the signifier of a moth. He casts the beam astatine an offscreen enemy, but we don’t request to spot what happens adjacent to cognize that Seer vanquishes anyone who stands successful his way.

More details astir Seer and the different large changes successful Apex Legends Season 10 volition beryllium revealed connected July 22. What updates oregon meta shifts bash you anticipation to spot successful the future? Drop your thoughts successful the comments below. 

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