Migrant workers still at great risk despite key role in global economy

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The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the cardinal relation that migrant workers play successful the planetary economy, arsenic good arsenic the “terrible risks” that they are forced to take, to find work.

The investigation featured connected the Global Migration Data Portal, provides snapshots of the latest statistic and trends, including the impacts of COVID-19 connected mobility.

For example, remittances made up much than 25 per cent of full GDP past twelvemonth successful El Salvador, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Tonga.

“The availability of timely and reliable data tin assistance america maximize the imaginable of migration for development”, said Ugochi Daniels, IOM Deputy Director General for Operations.

Demand rising

Migration trends astatine a glance

  • More radical than ever unrecorded successful a state they were not calved in.
  • More than 1 cardinal radical are connected the move.
  • Many migrate retired of necessity.
  • One successful 30 radical is simply a migrant.
  • One successful 95 is forcibly

As exemplified by the galore roles of migrants considered ‘essential’ during the COVID-19 pandemic, the study highlights an summation successful request for their labour.

Foreign doctors relationship for 33 per cent of the United Kingdom’s physicians, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and determination is an wide reliance connected overseas healthcare workers successful Europe and the United States.

Surge successful overseas workers

Remittances by overseas migrant workers to their location  countries are progressively  captious  for families and the wider economy.

There are astir 170 cardinal overseas workers globally, according to the latest International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates – much than triple the 53 cardinal registered successful 2010.

And foreign-born workers play a increasing relation successful the labour force, making up an estimated 5 per cent of today’s planetary workforce.

“As we observe International Migrants Day this week, this study stands arsenic a wide reminder of the relation migrants play successful the improvement of their communities worldwide”, said Frank Laczko, GMDAC Director.

“But portion the planetary system continues to trust heavy connected migrant workers, radical proceed to look unspeakable risks erstwhile they cannot entree ineligible pathways successful their hunt for amended opportunities.”

Migrant safety

While migration policies are hard to measure, the data disposable amusement a inclination toward limiting safe, ineligible migration options.

While 81 per cent of the countries participating successful IOM’s Migration Governance Indicators (MGI) person astatine slightest 1 authorities assemblage dedicated to borderline control, conscionable 38 per cent person a defined nationalist migration strategy, with lone 31 per cent aligning it with a nationalist economical improvement strategy.  

“This reports highlights…the invaluable contributions migrants person successful our communities and economies, and the request for factual enactment to summation ineligible channels”, Ms. Daniels said.

Setting planetary standards

Also connected Thursday, the World Health Organization (WHO) published the agency’s new Global Competency Standards for exile and migrant wellness services to fortify countries’ quality to supply services to refugees and migrants by defining markers to beryllium incorporated into wellness workers’ acquisition and practices.

    “While facing akin wellness risks to their big communities, refugees and migrants whitethorn person circumstantial wellness needs and are often susceptible to adverse wellness outcomes owed to their mobility, surviving and moving conditions”, said Santino Severoni, Director of the WHO Health and Migration Programme.

    Vital role

    The wellness workforce has a captious relation successful providing inclusive services that are respectful of cultural, religious, and linguistic needs, said the UN wellness agency.

    “Refugees and migrants look obstacles successful accessing people-centred and culturally delicate wellness services successful some countries of transit and destination. These tin include…restricted usage of wellness services, each of which signifier their interactions with the big country’s wellness system”, said the WHO Director.

    The papers is accompanied by a Curriculum Guide to enactment its operationalization.

    The competencies tin beryllium tailored to assorted environments and instrumentality into information the requirements and constraints of section wellness systems arsenic good arsenic the characteristics of divers exile and migrant populations.

    “2021 is the International Year of Health and Care Workers”, reminded Jim Campbell, Director of WHO’s Health Workforce Department.

    “The aforesaid workers indispensable beryllium supported with a competency-based education, arsenic outlined successful the Standards…to instrumentality america a measurement person towards cosmopolitan wellness sum for each populations, including for refugees and migrants”.

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