How to resize text and images together on a PowerPoint slide

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If you statement images successful PowerPoint, you mightiness person noticed that it's hard to alteration the size of the substance statement and the representation astatine the aforesaid time, unless you cognize this speedy trick.

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Many images are paired with substance that identifies the representation successful immoderate way. It mightiness beryllium literal oregon an interpretation. It's casual and it's common. What's not truthful casual is resizing the representation and the substance astatine the aforesaid clip successful Microsoft PowerPoint. That means you'll person to resize the elements independently and adjacent then, you'll beryllium guessing. There's nary built-in mode to comparison the 2 arsenic you summation oregon alteration their sizes. But you tin summation the size of some astatine the aforesaid time. In this article, I'll amusement you 2 ways to enactment with aggregate elements, but neither volition resize text. Then, I'll amusement you a method that volition resize the substance arsenic you resize the image.

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I'm utilizing Microsoft 365 connected a Windows 10 64-bit system, but you tin enactment successful earlier versions. This nonfiction isn't supported by the online version. You tin download the objection .pptx and .ppt files oregon enactment with your ain slides.

What happens

It's communal to statement an representation with related text. For example, Figure A shows a elemental representation of a frozen dainty with the connection Refreshments. The representation is simply a banal photo, and the substance uses Edwardian Script ITC, 88. Let's accidental you privation to enlarge some to capable astir of the slide. To bash so, resistance immoderate country grip and summation the size arsenic ample arsenic possible. As you tin spot successful Figure B, the substance is inactive 88.

Figure A


  The descent in Figure A is a elemental representation with a substance container connected apical of the image.

Figure B


  Enlarging the representation doesn't enlarge the text.

Now, this mightiness beryllium precisely the look you want, but let's accidental you privation the substance to stay proportionate with the representation and the archetypal size (Figure A). But first, let's look astatine 2 methods that you mightiness try.  

1. Selecting the representation and substance unneurotic successful PowerPoint

Perhaps the easiest mode to enactment with substance and an representation astatine the aforesaid clip is to prime them both. Doing truthful requires lone a mates of clicks, but it doesn't enactment arsenic you mightiness expect erstwhile 1 of those clicked elements is text. Let's effort this impermanent method and spot what happens:

  1. Hold down the Shift cardinal and click some the substance container and the image. Doing truthful volition amusement enactment handles astir some elements, arsenic shown successful Figure C.
  2. At this point, clasp down the Shift cardinal arsenic you tin resistance immoderate grip to resize both. Figure D shows the effect of dragging representation handles to the close and down. Holding down the Shift cardinal maintains ratio, but it doesn't summation the font size of the text.

Figure C


  Select some the substance statement and the image.

Figure D


  With some elements selected, you tin summation the size of the image, but you can't summation the font size of the text.

You tin support the signifier by holding down the Shift key, but you can't summation the font size. Now, let's look astatine the 2nd method, grouping.

2. Grouping the representation and substance unneurotic successful PowerPoint

Perhaps the champion mode to guarantee that substance and representation enactment unneurotic is to radical them. First, utilizing the instructions successful the past section, prime the 2 elements. Then, take 1 of the pursuing ways to radical the 2 elements:

  • Press Ctrl + G.
  • On the Home tab, click the Arrange dropdown successful the Drawing radical and take Group.
  • On the contextual Format Shape ribbon, click the Group Objects dropdown successful the Arrange group, and take Group.
  • On the contextual Format Picture ribbon, click the Group Objects dropdown successful the Arrange group, and take Group.

Once the objects are grouped, PowerPoint volition alteration the enactment handles. As you tin spot successful Figure E, there's lone 1 constituent present and it's comprised of the substance and representation elements. At this point, dragging immoderate of the handles volition summation the group, arsenic shown successful Figure F.

Figure E


  Create a group.

Figure F


  Enlarge the group.

Oops … drat. Even arsenic a group, the substance size doesn't change. Holding down the Shift cardinal maintains the image's shape, but the font size is inactive 88. Can this adjacent beryllium done?

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Converting the substance power to an representation and grouping

I've shown you 2 methods for moving with substance and images astatine the aforesaid time, but neither changed the font size of the text. You'll astir apt usage some methods a lot. But what tin you bash erstwhile you privation some elements to alteration size together?

There is simply a mode to execute this: covert the substance power to an representation and past radical some images. Let's bash that present with our objection slide:

  1. Select the substance box, property Ctrl + C to transcript lone it to the Clipboard. Then, property Ctrl + V to paste it into the slide.
  2. When you do, PowerPoint volition show a astute tag (Figure G). Click it and take Picture.
  3. Delete the archetypal substance container and reposition the pasted representation if necessary.
  4. Now, prime some images and property Ctrl + G to radical them.
  5. Hold down the Shift cardinal and usage the handles to summation oregon alteration the group.

Figure G


  Paste the substance container arsenic a picture.

Now the substance and representation increase, oregon decrease, successful size simultaneously, arsenic you tin spot successful Figures H and I.

Figure H


  Both elements are larger.

Figure I


  Both elements are smaller.

Not lone person you learned however to summation the font size of substance on with an image, but you've learned however to radical elements and make aggregate constituent selections erstwhile you request a impermanent fix. 

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