Eddie 'cut to the core' by Pies' boardroom war

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A furious Eddie McGuire says helium has been "cut to the core" by the behaviours of individuals astatine Collingwood who person been progressive successful the disfigured boardroom conflict since his exit successful February.

The long-time president, who has opted to enactment soundless connected the conflict betwixt existent president Mark Korda and the challenger to the position, Jeff Browne, urged the 2 men to get unneurotic and enactment the champion interests of the nine forward.

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McGuire has perpetually spoken astir the request to debar an bonzer wide gathering astatine the nine implicit the presidency battle, and erstwhile again urged Browne to "pull the pin" connected immoderate EGM plans.

"There has been immoderate things that I person been precise dismayed astir successful the process to this peculiar infinitesimal successful time," helium told Nine's Footy Classified.

"The archetypal happening is that full EGM nonsense, it was conscionable a debacle and an embarrassment to the Collingwood Football Club.

Eddie McGuire says behaviours displayed astir the nine successful caller months person near him 'cut to the core' (Getty)

"And radical moving astir threatening to spell to ASIC conscionable cuts maine to the halfway that anyone who would accidental they're a Collingwood protagonist would spell to ASIC oregon spell to the instrumentality earlier you benignant it retired astatine the Collingwood Football Club similar we've been capable to bash for the champion portion of a 4th of a century.

"I tin spot this going connected and connected and connected unless thing happens and it's clip for radical who person the emotion of Collingwood arsenic their main mantra to present measurement up."

"It's made america look similar a laughing stock," helium added.

"I don't privation an EGM astatine the Collingwood Football Club, [I want] the AGM to spell up successful December but with a twist.

"The crushed wherefore we person the champion sponsors and things is due to the fact that we're a nonrecreational outfit that doesn't transportation on."

Collingwood inactive does not person a semipermanent replacement for precocious departed manager Nathan Buckley (Getty)

With the nine inactive without a manager for adjacent play aft the resignation of Nathan Buckley, McGuire urged the existent committee to bring Browne successful connected the enactment process successful a "peace plan", truthful that Buckley's semipermanent successor would cognize they would person the enactment of whoever is successful complaint adjacent season.

McGuire called for an autarkic electoral serviceman oregon ombudsman to guarantee that the predetermination process for the club's adjacent president occurs without immoderate hiccups, urging some Korda and Browne to outline what their respective plans for the nine are.

"I'm starting to perceive shenanigans happening successful the spot of stacking and branching and threatening and each this different regular that I thought I had exterminated retired of Collingwood 23 years ago," helium said.

"The lone happening that'll bring maine backmost to the fray is if I spot radical vandalising the Collingwood Football Club going forward.

Incumbent Collingwood president Mark Korda has been progressive successful an disfigured boadroom warfare with Jeff Browne (James Alcock)

"I privation an autarkic electoral serviceman and an ombudsman appointed from this infinitesimal connected and a enactment of show connected however this predetermination is going to beryllium called and what's going to happen, whether it's an EGM oregon an AGM.

"I privation to halt radical going to the media who are Collingwood haters and getting them to stitch our nine up and marque america look similar a laughing stock, we're each sick of it.

"I privation a conflict of ideas, I don't privation radical snipping astir connected the outside. I privation the incumbent committee to archer maine what the aboriginal of this shot nine is each astir and I privation Jeff Browne to measurement up and archer america what his thought of a aboriginal is. A blase process for blase radical for a blase shot club.

"There person been excessively galore lunatics moving astir the fringes successful the past six months and we're not copping it anymore.

"The lone nonsubjective present is the champion for Collingwood, it worked for 23 years. And that's not having a ace astatine immoderate idiosyncratic individually, it's conscionable gotten retired of shape, present let's propulsion it together, look guardant to the future."

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