Delatarune Chapter 2, From Undertale Creator, Drops This Week

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Undertale, a 2D RPG from 2015, remains 1 of the astir definitive and revolutionary indie titles to grace the modern scene, rising to akin heights arsenic different fashionable pixel-art games similar Stardew Valley and Terraria. Since Undertale’s merchandise and consequent triumph lap, Developer Toby Fox released the archetypal section successful his highly anticipated semi-sequel, Deltarune. Unlike its predecessor, Deltarune is simply a top-down RPG with puzzles, slug hellhole sequences, and classical Final Fantasy-inspired turn-based combat. Chapter 1 launched successful 2018, and successful a astonishment announcement, Fox unveiled the merchandise day for Chapter 2 past nighttime the crippled drops this week; tomorrow, successful fact. 

A tiny teaser trailer was posted by Fox to Twitter with the caption, “See you soon.” Protagonists Kris and Susie tin beryllium seen jumping into a heavy abyss apt the “Dark World” located successful the proviso closet of their seemingly mean school. Chapter 1 was each astir Kris and Susie stumbling crossed this ethereal realm and gathering a prince of the acheronian named Ralsei. The 3 of them are destined to beryllium heroes by restoring equilibrium to the Dark World. The battles that ensue pit the trio against monsters and nefarious royalty. The extremity of the arc leaves country for mentation and a sequel experience, truthful Chapter 2 has been expected for a portion now. What absorption Fox volition instrumentality successful the upcoming merchandise remains to beryllium seen. Still, the Undertale-reminiscent soundtrack, evocative art, and caller combat strategy are breathtaking highlights to look guardant to.

Deltarune Chapter 2 launches for PC and Mac connected September 17 astatine 8 p.m. EST. 

Are you excited for the adjacent installment successful Deltarune’s fantastical story? What bash you deliberation volition hap to Kris, Susie, and Ralsei adjacent clip they conscionable successful the Dark World? Sound disconnected with your takes successful the comments conception below!

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