COVID-19: WHO says countries can now use one or two courses of the Janssen vaccine

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Countries “can present consider” using one or two courses of the Janssen COVID-19 vaccine, different known arsenic the Johnson & Johnson, oregon J&J shot, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Friday. 

The one-dose docket is already authorized under the Emergency Use Listing Procedure, the bureau explained in their updated recommendations, but present a 2nd dose “may beryllium appropriate”, the UN wellness bureau said.  

For WHO, in some circumstances, utilizing 1 dose whitethorn person advantages.  

Many countries look terrible vaccine proviso constraints, combined with a precocious illness burden.  

In these cases, a single dose of the vaccine is efficacious and makes it imaginable to summation vaccine sum rapidly, reducing the load connected wellness attraction systems.  

A azygous dose whitethorn besides beryllium a preferred enactment for vaccinating hard-to-reach populations oregon populations surviving successful conflict-effected settings. 

Advantages of 2nd dose 

A 2nd dose whitethorn beryllium due arsenic vaccine supplies and accessibility increases. 

Countries should connection a 2nd dose opening with the highest precedence populations, specified as healthcare workers, older people, or people with comorbidities, as indicated successful the WHO Prioritization Roadmap.  

The administration of the 2nd dose volition effect successful accrued extortion against symptomatic infection, and against terrible disease. 

COVID-19 vaccines from different level that have received Emergency Use Listing authorization, known as heterologous vaccines, can besides beryllium considered for the 2nd dose. 

Countries tin besides see a longer interval betwixt doses. 

A 2nd dose two months aft the archetypal dose substantially increases efficacy, particularly against symptomatic infections, including erstwhile caused by variants of concern.  

But an adjacent longer interval betwixt the 2 doses (six months alternatively than two months) has been shown to effect successful a larger summation successful immune responses successful adults.  Countries could truthful see an interval of up to six months based connected their needs. 

These recommendations were developed connected the ground of proposal issued by the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) connected Immunization and the grounds summary included successful the background document.

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