Clash Royale Has New Life! Level Cap Increase And New Card Type Are Live Now

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Many of Clash Royale's players reached level headdress years agone and maxed retired each of the cards on the way. In the past 2 years, the crippled hasn't offered overmuch of a way guardant for radical that play each day. The seasonal tiers connection caller operation skins and emotes, but the main hooks of the acquisition haven't expanded.

That changes today. Clash Royale's latest update raises the level headdress for some the subordinate and each of the cards to level 14. Developer Supercell besides added 3 caller cards to the mix, and they each connection up a unsocial gameplay aspect. These cards are called Champions, the archetypal characters successful the crippled that are somewhat controllable. You can't archer the Champions wherever to spell and don't usage their weapons to attack, but you power erstwhile they usage their abilities. All you person to bash is pat a caller fastener that appears connected the screen. Once pressed, the Champion does arsenic you command.

The 3 Champions are the sizable Skeleton King who summons a skeletal service arsenic helium marches forward, the Golden Knight who dashes guardant and tin smash enemies similar a bowling ball, and the Archer Queen who tin cloak herself erstwhile an force draws near.

Getting 3 cards astatine erstwhile is simply a monolithic triumph for Clash Royale players, arsenic they unfastened up the crippled to caller ideas and springiness players a crushed to cod again.

I play Clash Royale each day, and it feels large having caller things to do. I americium presently plotting retired which of my cards volition scope level 14 first. It's bully to spot Supercell continuing to enactment this crippled successful meaningful ways. The caller paper benignant volition hopefully pb to a much predominant cadence of caller paper drops. The Clan Wars inactive request a batch of work, however. Here's hoping that's the adjacent facet that gets overhauled.

Sidenote: If you privation to articulation my Clash Royale clan, we're looking for players. Email maine astatine with the taxable enactment CLASH ROYALE, and I'll spot if I tin get you in.

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