Batman-Themed Haunted Hallows Event Starts Tomorrow In Rocket League

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Rocket League has revealed that its Haunted Hallows 2021 lawsuit begins time and runs done November 1, and it volition bring Batman-themed cars, decals, and much to the arena. 

More specifically, Haunted Hallows 2021 volition diagnostic a caller Gotham City Rumble limited-time mode, caller items, and the instrumentality of each 3 Batmobiles antecedently sold in-game. Alongside each of this, caller Halloween Hallows challenges volition beryllium added to Rocket League to springiness players the accidental to unlock villain-themed items. 

Everyone who logs successful volition beryllium capable to gain the Dark Knight Player’s Title and by completing challenges, players tin gain peculiar constricted items similar the Joker Dominus Decal and Boost, the Gotham’s Finest Merc Decal, the Harley Quinn Wheels and Topper, the Poison Ivy Boost, and more. 

In Gotham City Rumble, drivers tin expect the aforesaid Rumble gameplay but with the added twist that power-ups successful the mode are themed aft Batman and his rogue gallery. Some of the power-ups see Joker’s Boxing Glove, Harley’s Hammer (instead of the Boot), and Poison Ivy’s Vines (instead of the Grappling Hook). 

To coincide with this caller mode, the Beckwith Park (Gotham Night) arena has been added to the crippled and it includes plentifulness of easter eggs for Batman fans to spot. It’s the arena seen successful the Haunted Hallows 2021 lawsuit trailer above. 

If you missed retired connected the merchandise of the 1989 Batmobile, the Dark Knight’s Tumbler from the Christopher Nolan Batman movies, oregon the 2016 Batmobile from Batman v Superman, each 3 volition beryllium disposable successful the Rocket League Item Shop. Each comes with the Reel Life Decal, too, which gives the Batmobiles their signature achromatic colour from their respective movies. 

The Bat-Signal Goal Explosions triple-pack disposable successful the Item Shop starting time features a Bat-Symbol that explodes on-screen. The detonation volition beryllium either the Bat-Symbol from the 1989 Batman movie, the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy oregon that of Ben Affleck’s Batman successful the caller Zack Snyder movies. 

More details astir the Haunted Hallows 2021 lawsuit tin beryllium recovered implicit connected the Rocket League blog.

Will you beryllium jumping into this year's Haunted Hallows event? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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