Australia edge rivals in nail-biting Sail GP final

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Australia's Sail GP squad celebrated winning their archetypal lawsuit of the play successful beforehand of thousands of British fans connected Plymouth Hoe.

Overlooking Plymouth Sound wherever the F50 racecourse was located, supporters enjoyed a thrilling decorativeness connected a cleanable English summertime day.

The Australian team, led by Olympic golden medallist Tom Slingsby, are aiming to beryllium back-to-back play champions aft their triumph successful Sail GP's inaugural play successful 2019 (2020's play was cancelled owed to the COVID-19 pandemic).

Day2 of racing, Australia SailGP Team helmed by Tom Slingsby with squad mates Kyle Langford, Ed Powys, Nick Hutton and Rhys Mara observe winning the The Great Britain SailGP (Getty)

At Plymouth Sound they edged the USA and France Sail GP teams successful a nail-biting final.

"We're present 3 events in, we've had pb changes astatine each 1 with antithetic radical winning each time, and we're conscionable starting the rollercoaster," Slingsby said.

"We've got plentifulness much turns ahead.

"We've travel from adjacent to the apical of the leaderboard, to down astatine the bottom, and present we're backmost astatine the top. There's nary signifier guide, each squad has its day, and we've conscionable got to clasp connected for the thrust to effort and marque that Grand Final successful San Francisco adjacent March."

For Australia's British grinder Nick Hutton the triumph was other peculiar successful beforehand of location fans.

"It's ever large to triumph and for maine it's other peculiar winning successful Plymouth," helium said.

"It's arsenic adjacent arsenic I'm ever going to get to racing astatine location truthful I'm ace happy. The past contention was precise hectic for us, we didn't marque it casual for ourselves, but it was large to get it done."

The adjacent halt connected Sail GP's calendar volition spot Aarhus, Denmark, big the 4th contention of the play connected August 20-21.

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