'America's Got Talent' contestant departs show due to cancer battle

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The 30-year-old Ohio native, who goes by the nickname "Nightbirde," took to Instagram connected Monday to denote her departure from the show.

"Sharing my bosom with the satellite connected AGT has been an grant and a imagination travel true. My constituent of presumption this summertime has been astounding," Marczewski wrote. "What a occurrence that the symptom I've walked done tin beryllium reworked into quality that makes radical each implicit the satellite unfastened their eyes wider."

    She went connected to write, "Since my audition, my wellness has taken a crook for the worse and the combat with crab is demanding each of my vigor and attention. I americium truthful bittersweet to denote that I won't beryllium capable to proceed guardant connected this play of AGT. Life doesn't ever springiness breaks to those that merit it—but we knew that already. Thank you for each your support, it means the satellite to me. Stay with me, I'll beryllium amended soon. I'm readying my future, not my legacy. Pretty bushed up, but I've inactive got dreams."

      "AGT" justice Heidi Klum posted of connection of enactment for Marczewski connected Monday.

        "We volition miss your energy, your passion, and your beauteous dependable astatine the unrecorded shows," Klum wrote. "The full #AGT household loves you and we're each rooting for you ❤️❤️❤️

        During Marczewski's audition successful June, justice Simon Cowell was truthful impressed that helium deed the Golden Buzzer to nonstop her consecutive done to the unrecorded show.

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