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The woman who has accused NRL star Jarryd Hayne of sexual assault has unleashed a dramatic verbal attack on him in court.

Accuser breaks down in witness box  

The woman who accused ex-NRL star Jarryd Hayne of sexual assault has called him a “f***ing piece of shit” in court after breaking down in the witness box during cross-examination.

She snapped at Mr Hayne when she passed the table where he was seated as she left the courtroom on Wednesday.

The judge halted the woman’s evidence after she became emotional under gruelling interrogation from the footballer’s barrister, Phillip Boulten SC.

She claimed the lawyer was asking “irrelevant” questions.

“You’re making me sound stupid. No means f***ing no!” she said furiously, before burying her face in her hands as tears began to flow.

“I sound like an idiot but he f***ing knows what I said.”

Newcastle District Court had heard the woman, then 26, was told by a doctor the gruesome injury to her genitalia suffered during the alleged rape in her bedroom on September 30, 2018, looked like a “bite”.

Mr Hayne, 32, has pleaded not guilty to two counts of aggravated sexual intercourse without consent recklessly inflicting actual bodily harm.

The woman suffered two lacerations to her vagina when former the Parramatta Eels fullback allegedly pulled off her jeans and began allegedly unwanted oral and digital sex on her, while a taxi he arrived in waited outside.

On Wednesday, Dr Susannah Smart told the court she examined the woman in a pap smear days before the alleged incident and noticed no injuries, but when she saw her again on October 3 noticed injuries that could have been caused by “rough sexual activity”.

Mr Hayne claims the sex was consensual when he went to the woman’s home on the night of the NRL grand final in 2018, and her injuries were accidental.

The court has heard he told the woman “I better go” after they had both washed the blood off themselves, with the woman claiming he failed to apologise and asked if a $50 note on the bed was hers.

Mr Hayne contacted her the day after, saying his mobile phone had been stolen and he only had the password to his Snapchat account.

The court heard the pair then had several exchanges on the social media application in the weeks after the incident, with the woman saying she had three missed calls from him on Snapchat.

After she told him she had been encouraged to report the alleged assault, Mr Hayne wrote back asking, “what?” and then “any allegations?”.

Police watched over and photographed a Snapchat exchange between the woman and Mr Hayne, using the username “Haynze”, on November 14 and 15, 2018, after the allegations had been reported, the court heard.

“I thought you would have at least asked if I was OK or not by now,” she wrote.

“You said you were OK last time we spoke?” the court heard Mr Hayne replied.

The woman later sent a message saying: “You knew I definitely wasn’t OK from the damage that night … It was pretty messed up … you just left me that way. You should have just stopped when I said so.”

Hayne is said to have wrote: “Wtf are you on about??? I stopped straught (sic) away and made sure you were OK.

“We spoke for a while after to make sure you’re OK b4 I left.

“You’re starting to sound suss.”

The footballer responded that claims he was “rough” and “pushy” were “completely untrue … Everything we did you consented to”.

Mr Boulten SC grilled the woman during cross-examination, and at one point showed the tight, elastic pants she was wearing on the night to the jury.

The woman has claimed the former rugby league star pulled off her pants in one clean motion, which the barrister suggested was not true.

He put his client’s version of events to the woman, one in which she and Mr Hayne lay on her bed touching and kissing before she helped him remove her pants.

“No, that’s a story,” she said.

The barrister questioned the woman about sexually suggestive messages she had been sending to Mr Hayne in the weeks before their meeting, including photos of her in her underwear.

One message, sent by the woman, read: “I’m not gonna lie, I imagined what it would be like to be f***ing you when you started talking.”

“A lot of the communications you had with him were about sex … you didn’t talk to him about politics or about football or any other issue of the world,” Mr Boulten said.

He asked if she was attracted to Mr Hayne and would have liked to have sex with him in the “right circumstances”.

The woman agreed but denied she hoped to sleep with him on the night of the alleged assault.

“I wasn’t hoping, otherwise I would have done it,” she said.

The court has heard Mr Hayne came to her house because she declined his invitation to come to a buck’s party he was attending in Newcastle that weekend. He had asked her to “bring a friend”.

When he arrived he appeared to be “very intoxicated”, she said, and they went straight into her room because she was “embarrassed” about still living with her mother.

Earlier the court heard the woman had told a friend the day after the incident that she was “too scared” to report it.

“He would have the money to ruin me … the last thing I need is my life in the public eye,” she wrote.

She had recently suffered from significant health issues and was worried her wound would become infected, which led her to see a doctor on October 3.

The woman later spoke to the NRL Integrity Unit’s chief investigator Karyn Murphy after her brother-in-law contacted a journalist, and the matter was then referred to police.


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