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Job opportunities call as Australian businesses redeploy coronavirus layoffs

With new lockdown regulations being announced every day, hundreds of thousands of jobs are being lost around Australia.
Queues outside Centrelink offices continue to stretch around blocks as business after business stands down its workers.
However that’s not to say there are no new job opportunities. In fact, some industries are hiring workers en masse to meet unprecedented demands. Australia News

On Wednesday morning the New South Wales premier, Gladys Berejiklian, announced Service NSW would be hiring an additional 1,000 workers to help keep citizens informed about the Australia Covid-19 crisis.
“Through Service NSW, which will ensure a coordinated information process for the community, [we] will have an extra 1,000 staff to support the government in that process,” Berejiklian said.
Kendra Banks, the managing director of Seek in Australia, said the jobs website was seeing increasing demand for nurses, aged care workers, counsellors and social workers. Australia Medical News
“We’re also seeing a rise in the need for nannies and tutors, as parents and carers who now need to work from home look for additional support in the home with care and education,” Banks said.
“We know that businesses are talking to one another. Where they have to lay off workers they are identifying skills that can transition into companies that have in-demand roles to keep people employed.” Australia Distribution Service

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