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Australia is crying out for clearer messaging on coronavirus, 'rambling' politicians told

Amid confusion and panic in the community about social distancing measures and school closures, advertising and health messaging experts have urged the government to launch a mass communication campaign making use of television streaming services, social media and news services, and told politicians to scrap “rambling, two-minute answers”. Australia News
Many Australians have struggled to comprehend the range of announcements at the weekend, which included the New South Wales and Victorian governments flagging stricter lockdowns of businesses and potential school closures before Scott Morrison held talks with the national cabinet on Sunday night. Australia Medical News
Members of the public who were confused by which services might shut down rushed out to buy alcohol, and continued to congregate in large numbers, despite being told to engage in social distancing. Later on Sunday, despite the messaging from other states, the prime minister insisted schools would remain open. Australia Political News
Meanwhile, some gyms closed their doors while others in the industry remain confused as to whether they should, given the various types of health facilities and services they offer, including childcare. On 13 March Morrison was talking about going to the football. By Monday he was admonishing the public for going to the beach.
A creative director and advertising expert, Dee Madigan, said the federal government should have rolled out a mass advertising campaign on hygiene in February. Advertisements began in March.
“It’s rubbish to say it’s a situation moving quickly and that’s why campaigns have been slow to get out there, because we are a couple of weeks behind other countries and we can roll out campaigns based on what we have learned from there,” Australia Distribution Service

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