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A ban on non-citizens and non-residents entering Australia

Australia will no longer admit non-residents and non-citizens into the country from 9pm. At the same time the federal government is working with Qantas to ensure Australians stuck overseas have a means of getting home, even though Qantas is standing down 20,000 of its staff.

There are 876 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Australia

There were 166 more cases reported on Friday. There have been 382 in New South Wales, 184 in Queensland, 178 in Victoria, 50 in South Australia, 64 in Western Australia, 10 in Tasmania, 6 in the Australian Capital Territory, and two in the Northern Territory. Seven deaths have been recorded so far. Australia News
Chief health officer Brendan Murphy also indicated they could relax testing guidance and test more people, including all aged care workers, healthcare workers with illness, and people presenting with pneumonia.

Four square-meter rule

The restrictions on gatherings indoors were further tightened, so that in addition to having no more than 100 people, there now has to be four square meters around each person. Australia Political News

Federal budget delayed

Due to the ongoing uncertainty, the federal budget will now be held in October, not in May as originally planned. Additionally the the government announced it would increase the debt ceiling to $850bn, banks are offering a six-month loan repayment deferral for small businesses and there is the possibility that similar relief could be provided for mortgage repayments. Australia Business News

Travel to remote Indigenous communities banned

To limit the spread of coronavirus in remote Indigenous communities, states and territories will nominate areas in consultation with Indigenous communities and an emergency requirement determined under the Biosecurity Act 2015 will restrict persons from entering or leaving those nominated areas. Queensland is shutting its western border with the NT to help this. Australia Press Release Distribution

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